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Homemade Penis Pump

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Isn\'t it a dream scenario to order a homemade penis pump? You order it, it comes in the mail, you use it a few days and you increase several inches in size. For many of us, that would be incredible.

Have you ever heard of something called a homemade penis pump? I remember when I first heard of it. It sounded pretty insane to me. Nothing could be that easy, could it? As it turns out, the homemade penis pump was intended for people that have erectile dysfunction. Any increase in size is a result of you being able to get your penis to become erect.

Now I'm not sure about you, but that is not the results I had in mind when I ordered the thing. I wanted to get something that I would use to increase the size of my penis, by actually making it longer. I never had a problem becoming erect, so this thing did absolutely nothing for me. In the right situation, this homemade penis pump could be very useful, but for me it was useless.

So my search continued for something that could increase the size of my penis. When I stumbled across something that actually worked in increasing the size of my penis, I had pretty much given up on the idea and had to be talked into trying it. I was afraid that it was something that would only help me become erect and would not actually increase my size.

It is crazy to me that you are able to increase the size of the penis by doing exercises. One of the exercises is a simple stretching exercise. It is done exactly as it sounds. All you need to do is gently stretch your penis for 5 to 10 minutes. Before and after doing that, make sure to wrap a warm towel around it. This acts as warming up and cooling down. After doing this for a while, it acts as a homemade penis pump. It also helps you last longer in bed and gives you harder erections.

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